Fall For Me by Melanie Marks

Back Cover Blurb: “When Zoey’s long-time boyfriend, Finn, cheats on her—kissing a girl he “just can’t resist”—he gives Zoey a “Free Pass,” telling her she can kiss any guy she wants. Finn is so cocky and sure of their relationship that the arrangement seems perfect. He’s not worried Zoey will fall for another guy, and he’s itching to get rid of his feelings of guilt.

But the thing is, Zoey knows exactly who she wants to kiss—longs to kiss— Finn’s best friend, Riley. But, she wants the kiss too much. She knows that. So, she resists the “Free Pass.” Still, she’s pushed into it when Finn loses a bet to Riley, and Riley wants his payment—a kiss from Zoey.”-TAKEN FROM AMAZON

Basic plot line: Zoey finds she has a huge crush on her severely lacking boyfriend’s best friend. Said boyfriend cheats on her and she fights her wants to kiss his best friend senseless even though she has a “free pass”.

How long it took to read: This was MUCH shorter than I had realized and I read the whole thing in about an hour.

Characters:  Zoey is a whiner. She is immature and completely wimpy. Who finds out their boyfriend cheats and lets it go within moments of finding out?  Riley(the male lead and boyfriend’s best friend) is the stereotypical love interest. He says the right things, proclaims his love then leaves her alone, up until he loves her so much he makes a bet to force her into kissing him, without a single thought about her. Um…

Take it or leave it: While it was less than a buck….Leave it.

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