On Adrianne’s Bookshelf

The Book Review system:

Back Cover Blurb: Lets face it, without some kind of intrigue, I won’t even give it the page one test. Having a great and enticing summary is key with me.

Basic plot line: What the books about (duh)

How long it took to read: This really says a lot about the book. Was it a page turner? Did it take forever because I kept getting bored and had to come back? For example, I read the entire Hunger Games series in four days, and that is with being a mom, a wife, and a student.  But the Thirst Series? I am STILL working on that one and its been a year.

Characters: Do I like them? Do I feel like I know them? Or are there more questions than answers? (But WHY does it matter to her that so and so believes in aliens??)

Take it or leave it: This will basically be my final over all recommendation. Leave it in the store, or take it home to keep FOREVER! (I don’t believe in getting rid of books.)

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