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New Novel News!

Hey everyone!

I have been writing up a storm lately. As you all know Overexposed is my next release. I have officially sent that off to my editor and am eagerly waiting to see what comes back to me. But in the mean time…..

The Tempering is now complete! Well, the first draft anyway. SO EXCITED! I hope you all are ready for some Werewolfy goodness mixed in with a lot of sexual tension, love triangles and betrayal.

Book 2 in the series has been outlined and is waiting ever so patiently for me to hit the ground running and see where our main characters find themselves. 

A brand new book has been pushing itself to the forefront of my mind that I am super excited to tell you all about. Still no name, but it will be a New Adult Romance novel. My lovely main characters, Charlotte and Hunter, were high school sweethearts that spit right before Charlotte decided small towns and farms were not for her. Running off to NYC and getting swept away in big city life found her in a position that had her running again. Only this time it was back to the farm. Not quite able to set aside every thing from the City, or ignore the life she once had in the country, Charlotte has to navigate her new situation, manage feelings for an old flame, and attempt to dodge all questions about her time in NYC. 

I am super happy with my progress so far this year and CANNOT wait to be able to share it with you all!



Reality of Life as an Author

Have you ever heard the saying that life as an author was all sunshine and rainbows? No? Yeah, me neither. Of course we all know about the authors who truly do have that life. They became household names, had movies made from their books, and have their own little paparazzi and entourage. But for most of us, life goes on as usual, just as if we never published a book at all. Except is it?

When it comes to income, yeah, that is about the same as ever before. But when it comes to self worth, pride, and knowing that you are following through on your dreams? That makes all the difference. You walk a little taller, you smile a little bigger and you know that you are setting a good example for anyone who might happen to look up to you.

Writing can be very solitary. There are no co-workers to chat with, no boss to tell you exactly what to do (which can be a great thing and also frustrating. I mean, wouldn’t it be great to have someone say, write this and it will be a best seller?) and most of the time, writers need to be left alone to write. I don’t think I know anyone who can write while having a conversation in a busy room with music so loud the floors vibrated beneath their feet. 

So how do we keep from going crazy and make sure that we keep our crafts top notch? Well, you make friends. Yep, Refuse to be a solitary writer and join book clubs, writers groups, join in on Twitter when they have scheduled chats using hashtags (like #indiechat, #yalitchat and #nalitchat) so everyone can keep up with each other. You will meet the best beta’s and critique partners through mutual groups and who knows, you might even meet your new best friend there. I know I did. My best friend and I met through a writing blog and when it dissolved  she and I stayed in touch, began our own that is long gone now, and still are each other’s beta readers, plot bunny helpers, and aside from anything writing related, we are best friends. We talk every day, visit each other, and call each other out when it needs to be done. If I had kept to the solitary life of the old school stereotypical writer, I would never have met her. 

The online world has made a writer’s job both easier and harder all at the same time. Every bit of information on how to become not only a better writer, but a published author is right at the tip of your fingertips. But that also means, there are A LOT of people taking advantage of this new world and there are as many new books and authors as there are…well, fingertips. 

But should we be upset with this new influx of writers or should we celebrate it? I am completely in the “LET’S PARTY!” mode and celebrate every new author. If it wasn’t for my fingertips searching out all the information I needed, I would never have been able to publish LIFE ON LOAN(link) or any of my upcoming novels. 

So is my life any different now than it was four years ago when I really started to work on my writing? Absolutely. I may not have much more money, but I have a hell of a lot more friends, pride, and knowledge about how my world works.

Writing, writing, promoting, editing and writing some more.

Okay…so Life on Loan comes out on Friday. That is five days from now, IF I count today. EEEP! I am so excited! If you still haven’t added it to your to be read list over at Goodreads you can go now and click right here. Done? Okay good. 

As you all know I have been attempting to write forty-five THOUSAND words this month. Totally do-able. Totally. No doubt in my mind I can do it. The more I say it the more I believe it. Or at least the more I want to believe it. I’ve done it before, twice in fact, but neither of those times was I attempting to promote a new release, edit another and nurse two sick kids back to health. My two little ones have either both been sick, or one or the other, FOR THE LAST THREE WEEKS! Seriously. It’s like they keep passing it back and forth and if somehow they get rid of it for a day, my daughter brings a new bug home from school. 

That being said, I HAVE managed to get in 13,332 words from Feb 1 through last night. Not bad for ten days. More about this supernatural werewolf story later…you know, when I have a title maybe?

So, how about a sneak peak at a scene from Life on Loan?

The little brick house stood out from all the rest with a yard full of items and a family scrambling to drag everything back into the house. The little girl was happily carting her treasures back into the house, while both parents ran back and forth to bring in the electronics. As we approached the father called out to us to go ahead and look but they were closing up because of the snow.

We walked up when we saw a table full of sheets and blankets. Surely they wouldn’t mind if one went missing. They didn’t want it anyway and I would still write it down. They weren’t even out in the yard when Noah elbowed me with a pointed look on his face. I looked in the direction he was facing and saw that they had left their cash box out and open, in plain view. 

“We can’t,” I said, not as firmly as I had intended. It would be wrong to take money, but then again, it could buy us food and maybe some warm blankets from a store.

“Why not? You were going to take a blanket weren’t you? What’s the difference? If we take that, we won’t have to take anything for a while. We will be safer doing it this way, all at once, then taking multiple risks right?” He had a point. Maybe I just wanted to see a point in what he said. But I was wavering as I imagined eating something fresh and hot.

“But, what if they need that money? Like actually need it?” I was mostly sure that they didn’t, but what if they did? They did have a nice house in an upscale neighborhood and a car and all that. But then again, so did Dani when her life fell apart. I was so confused.  I had never taken from a person before. A store sure, but never a person. We were still looking around and the couple had come back out and grabbed a few more things to take into the house, still walking right by the open cash box

“More than we do?” he whispered to me as we moved closer to the money. They had a house, we didn’t. They most likely had food in their fridge; we didn’t even have a fridge let alone food for the day or the next day, unless we made a trip to the dumpster. They had warm clothes and warm beds, we had one thin worn out blanket with holes sporadically placed throughout it on a snow covered bench. My resolve was wavering and Noah knew it.

What will Paige do? You will just have to read to find out!


You might be wondering what on earth FEBNO is. Well, it is February Novel Writing Month. Is it a real thing with the NaNoWriMo people? Absolutely not. They are in no way affiliated with this crazy scheme JC Emery and I are doing. We plan on writing 45 thousand words in the month of February.

This is me after completing a challenge *not my image-click for website*

I realized that I did the most and honestly my best writing (1st draft wise anyway) during Nano. I am a HUGE procrastinator (looks around at the pile of clothes that needs to be folded and put away, the project for class that still needs to be finished, and the open document of my newest novel waiting to be written…just to name a few) but when I get a challenge thrown at me I turn into a competitive beast. I HAVE to “win” I don’t care if there is only allowed to be one winner, or if everyone who attempts it gets to win, but I HAVE to have the winner’s title. I absolutely HATE failing at anything. SO what to do when Nano is in November and Camp Nano isn’t until June? You make your own of course!

So, starting today, I hope to update that little counter off to the right hand side over there daily. I will hit the 45k this month, the question is, Who is with me???

Prepping a novel for release, Editing a second, while plotting out a third

Have you ever tried to balancing multiple project all at the same time? Each in a different phase and all just as important as the other? I have been working my tail off these last few days trying to finish up everything for the release of Life on Loan (I will tell you all about that on SATURDAY!!) doing the first rounds of edits on my second, Overexposed, and plotting out my third, and yet first in a series, that I am going to start writing next month. Oh, and let’s not forget my day job and trying to increase my client list there, too.

*Not my image*

To top it all off? I have two sick little ones at home who want Momma’s attention and of course, they get it. They are more important than anything, but I tell you what, the minute they fall asleep (either nap time or bedtime) I am here, at the computer trying my best to get things done.

Life on Loan has been finished, formatted, and sent off to a few lucky people who I gave an ARC copy to. I am just waiting on my final cover to be complete and I am set for launch day. Nope. Not telling yet, come back on Saturday 😀

Overexposed is in the beginnings of the editing stage. I am trying to clean it up enough to send it to a beta reader, to read the whole thing and tell me where they want more, want less, that type of thing. Then comes the second edit to fix everything that comes back. And this all has to happen before April, when Overexposed is set to release.

I am super excited about my third novel. The more I outline, the more I can’t wait to get started. Anyone care for some supernatural hijinks? Me too! This will be the first novel in a series. Neither the book nor the series has a title yet (and that is driving me NUTS!) but as soon as I start writing, I will make sure to give you a sneak peak!

There is nothing Aspiring about me

I am an author. I am a photographer. I may not be world famous for either, but that does not change who I am. I am honestly sick and tired of all the self deprecation that goes on in the world. I am not exempt from it, I am horribly hard on myself in all aspects and that is one thing I know I need to work on. But I DO know who I am.

So many authors out there trying to get published have Aspiring Author on their profiles. Not me. At one point I had Emerging Author. I have said before that my day job, besides being a Mom to two crazy wonderful children, is photography. I love it. I have a passion for all things art and photography is my medium of choice, that and the written word. I have never called myself an Aspiring Photographer since I have had a camera to my face since I was a young child. I have been nominated in a regional photography awards as “Best Emerging Photographer” and I am very proud of that.

 Work Shoes©GonetPhotography

Work Shoes

Let me give you the definition of some key words here and why it bothers me so much.


verb (used without object), as·pired, as·pir·ing.

1. to long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, especially for something great or of high value

So Aspire means to aim to be something. Okay, that makes sense. You aim to be an author. But wait a second. What exactly is an author?



1. a person who writes a novel, poem, essay, etc.; the composer of a literary work, as distinguished from a compiler, translator, editor, or copyist.

So, have you written anything? Is your novel complete? Or are you just hoping to one day write something? If you write, you are an author. You do not Aspire to be an author, you ARE an author. So, why do I love the word Emerging?


verb (used without object), e·merged, e·merg·ing.

1. to come forth into view or notice, as from concealment or obscurity
To come forth into view, huh. So I go from being an author no one has seen or read before to being published and noticed…
Too many people see every obstacle as failure. And even if you are not at the point of obstacles and rejections, if you put words from your head, whether an imaginary world or a memoir of your life, you ARE an author. Do not devalue yourself. Celebrate what you are and what you do. If publication is your path of choice, please, call yourself an emerging author. The only time you should use aspire is if you add in published. I aspire to be a published author. But I AM an author.

*Not my photo. Click for link*


The second draft

Life on Loan has been complete since October. I let it sit for a while. I wanted to let my mind work on other things for a while so when I went back to it to edit, I was seeing it with fresh eyes. I also joined a critique group to help me along. Let’s face it, we all know our own stories and characters so well that we have trouble seeing the problems in our master pieces.

 I am just now editing chapter seven. I have always heard that the second draft is always the hardest because you have to chop it to pieces only to build it back up again. I’m not finding it that bad. I have gone through and taken out what didn’t work or move the plot forward and expanded on elements that needed some extra attention.

If you have worked on a second draft, how did you find the process?