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New Novel News!

Hey everyone!

I have been writing up a storm lately. As you all know Overexposed is my next release. I have officially sent that off to my editor and am eagerly waiting to see what comes back to me. But in the mean time…..

The Tempering is now complete! Well, the first draft anyway. SO EXCITED! I hope you all are ready for some Werewolfy goodness mixed in with a lot of sexual tension, love triangles and betrayal.

Book 2 in the series has been outlined and is waiting ever so patiently for me to hit the ground running and see where our main characters find themselves. 

A brand new book has been pushing itself to the forefront of my mind that I am super excited to tell you all about. Still no name, but it will be a New Adult Romance novel. My lovely main characters, Charlotte and Hunter, were high school sweethearts that spit right before Charlotte decided small towns and farms were not for her. Running off to NYC and getting swept away in big city life found her in a position that had her running again. Only this time it was back to the farm. Not quite able to set aside every thing from the City, or ignore the life she once had in the country, Charlotte has to navigate her new situation, manage feelings for an old flame, and attempt to dodge all questions about her time in NYC. 

I am super happy with my progress so far this year and CANNOT wait to be able to share it with you all!



Prepping a novel for release, Editing a second, while plotting out a third

Have you ever tried to balancing multiple project all at the same time? Each in a different phase and all just as important as the other? I have been working my tail off these last few days trying to finish up everything for the release of Life on Loan (I will tell you all about that on SATURDAY!!) doing the first rounds of edits on my second, Overexposed, and plotting out my third, and yet first in a series, that I am going to start writing next month. Oh, and let’s not forget my day job and trying to increase my client list there, too.

*Not my image*

To top it all off? I have two sick little ones at home who want Momma’s attention and of course, they get it. They are more important than anything, but I tell you what, the minute they fall asleep (either nap time or bedtime) I am here, at the computer trying my best to get things done.

Life on Loan has been finished, formatted, and sent off to a few lucky people who I gave an ARC copy to. I am just waiting on my final cover to be complete and I am set for launch day. Nope. Not telling yet, come back on Saturday 😀

Overexposed is in the beginnings of the editing stage. I am trying to clean it up enough to send it to a beta reader, to read the whole thing and tell me where they want more, want less, that type of thing. Then comes the second edit to fix everything that comes back. And this all has to happen before April, when Overexposed is set to release.

I am super excited about my third novel. The more I outline, the more I can’t wait to get started. Anyone care for some supernatural hijinks? Me too! This will be the first novel in a series. Neither the book nor the series has a title yet (and that is driving me NUTS!) but as soon as I start writing, I will make sure to give you a sneak peak!