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New Novel News!

Hey everyone!

I have been writing up a storm lately. As you all know Overexposed is my next release. I have officially sent that off to my editor and am eagerly waiting to see what comes back to me. But in the mean time…..

The Tempering is now complete! Well, the first draft anyway. SO EXCITED! I hope you all are ready for some Werewolfy goodness mixed in with a lot of sexual tension, love triangles and betrayal.

Book 2 in the series has been outlined and is waiting ever so patiently for me to hit the ground running and see where our main characters find themselves. 

A brand new book has been pushing itself to the forefront of my mind that I am super excited to tell you all about. Still no name, but it will be a New Adult Romance novel. My lovely main characters, Charlotte and Hunter, were high school sweethearts that spit right before Charlotte decided small towns and farms were not for her. Running off to NYC and getting swept away in big city life found her in a position that had her running again. Only this time it was back to the farm. Not quite able to set aside every thing from the City, or ignore the life she once had in the country, Charlotte has to navigate her new situation, manage feelings for an old flame, and attempt to dodge all questions about her time in NYC. 

I am super happy with my progress so far this year and CANNOT wait to be able to share it with you all!




You might be wondering what on earth FEBNO is. Well, it is February Novel Writing Month. Is it a real thing with the NaNoWriMo people? Absolutely not. They are in no way affiliated with this crazy scheme JC Emery and I are doing. We plan on writing 45 thousand words in the month of February.

This is me after completing a challenge *not my image-click for website*

I realized that I did the most and honestly my best writing (1st draft wise anyway) during Nano. I am a HUGE procrastinator (looks around at the pile of clothes that needs to be folded and put away, the project for class that still needs to be finished, and the open document of my newest novel waiting to be written…just to name a few) but when I get a challenge thrown at me I turn into a competitive beast. I HAVE to “win” I don’t care if there is only allowed to be one winner, or if everyone who attempts it gets to win, but I HAVE to have the winner’s title. I absolutely HATE failing at anything. SO what to do when Nano is in November and Camp Nano isn’t until June? You make your own of course!

So, starting today, I hope to update that little counter off to the right hand side over there daily. I will hit the 45k this month, the question is, Who is with me???

The Query Process so far…

Well, it has been three weeks. Three weeks since I began to query agents. Three weeks of biting my nails and waiting and worrying that my book isn’t good enough. I know that three weeks isn’t much in the long run, but I tell you what, it feels like ages.

I am pacing my query letters. I am optimistic so I do not send out a million and one query letters at one time. I mean, that would just mean I would end up sending out a million letters telling the rest of the agents that I found my perfect dream agent who is going to sell my book to one of the big six publishers and they can just ignore my query. So, I sent it out to 14.

Yup, just 14. I have a list of agents I want to submit to that is much longer than that but I figure it is best to start small and if I do not get the response I am looking for, either the agents are missing out on my wonderful amazing novel, or my query letter needs work.

So, what kind of responses have I received in the last three weeks? Well, I have gotten four responses from agents passing on my book completely and two agents who wanted to see a partial submission. One partial was turned down and the other is still with the agent. The agents who haven’t responded post on their website that if you do not hear back within 6-8 weeks consider it a no.

I will wait one more week then begin another round of queries. I know it wont be a full 6-8 weeks after the last batch, but I am not the most patient of people. I will send out another 10-15 in hopes that one of them decides that my wonderfully captivating novel is perfect for them.

Plus…November is in two weeks…that means Nano…and I can’t wait!