February: The month of highs and lows

Well February has been one hell of a month. Shall I give you all the rundown?

High: Started on a personal goal of getting 45K words written in my new novel The Tempering. Very excited and the outline had me giddy.

Low: Daughter got sick. Then got the son sick. Which of course got me sick.

High: Life on Loan released right after a kick ass review by YA Book Addict

Low: Daughter gets pink eye. Then son gets pink eye. Followed by one hell of an ear infection.

High: Started working on Indie Ignites, A blog for indie authors. 

Low: looking at the calendar and realizing that there are only six days left in February to write 19K words to hit my personal goal.

High: Loving my story so much that even though I am seriously disappointed in my lack of progress word count wise, I am not discouraged in the least. I will get this done and it will be amazing. 

Low: Realizing that while I have been spending my time writing, Overexposed is sitting there, staring at me, wondering why I have been ignoring it. I NEED TO EDIT and time is running out!

High: I can now tell people that I am a published author. 

Here’s hoping I can bring good news (like a finished first draft!) with my next post. 

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