HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! Now..who needs a big ol’ wet kiss to get you through the day until your special someone shows up to lay one on you? Me too, so it’s a good thing today is INDIE KISSING DAY!

I promised a kissing scene that I haven’t posted anywhere before…and here it is!

When my eyes landed on his beautiful full lips, I just stared at them, wondering if they were as soft as they looked. His tongue darted out licking them and I raised my gaze back to his.  His hand moved from my waist and brushed the hair that had fallen in my face back behind my ear. Only this time, he didn’t pull his hand back. He left it cupping my face and he leaned in slowly until his lips brushed mine. I was shocked and just stood there, trying to grasp the fact that Noah was kissing me.

He pulled away quickly, with an ashamed look on his face. But the minute his lips were gone, I felt the longing to reconnect with them. I threw my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his. My heart began to race as our lips melded together. It felt so right, like it was the simplest thing in the world. Noah wrapped his arms back around my waist and pulled me closer to him. We only pulled apart due to lack of breath.

“Do you know how long I have wanted to do that?” he asked, smiling down at me.

“I didn’t realize how much I wanted that until today. I wish I had realized sooner.” I rested my head against his chest, feeling the warmth.

It was hard to cut it so you got the Kissing without giving away any real spoilers! I think I might have even mentioned a giveaway…yes, yes I did mention a giveaway. Unfortunately, WordPress decided that Javascript is a big ol’ no-no so we are going to do this the good ol’ fashion way…well sorta.

If you want to win a free Ebook copy of LIFE ON LOAN, any format you would like it in, then Click the follow this blog link to the right of the page, head over to Goodreads and add LIFE ON LOAN to your To Be Read list, then comment below with a story of your first kiss and the email and names used on the other two steps. I will take all the entries, write them on a piece of paper, throw them in a hat, and choose one at random. If we get more than twenty entries I will do two giveaways!

I figure if I am asking you all for your first kiss stories I should probably share mine.

It was the summer before freshman year of high school and the phone rang while I was covered in gross dirty dish water. I had been grounded and forced to do the dishes every day that week for something I did to my brother, but I really don’t remember what it was. My dad answered the phone in the other room before coming into the kitchen with one hand covering the receiver and tells me some boy is calling for me. Up until that point, boys never called for me. Yeah, that changed quickly.

When I answered the phone I heard the voice of the boy that I had been crushing on for months, and to a thirteen year old, that is a really long time. For whatever reason, I was immediately embarrassed by what I looked like even though he couldn’t see me. He had apparently heard after school let out that I had been crushing on him and wanted to know if it was true. We had been friends in school, but never met outside of school. Since it was still the beginning of the summer and the following year we were going to different high schools, we both begged our parents to let us meet up to ride our bikes around together.

When my dad gave me the okay, I raced to shower and get ready. I had no idea what to wear and everything I thought of made no sense for riding bikes. I ended up just throwing on some jeans and a tee, and getting to our meeting spot just on time. We never ended up going on the bike ride, instead we just sat on the grass in front of our old school and talked for over an hour. When it was time for us both to head home, he yelled out to me when I was a block away, asking if I would be his girl friend.

The next two weeks were wonderful. I was super happy. I was going to be in high school and I had my first real boyfriend. When I was invited to my best friends house for dinner, I found out that my boyfriend just happened to live right behind her house. The woods of her yard connected with the woods of his house. We were out there trying to avoid her little brothers and ran right into him with his friend. It was a very pleasant surprise and our two best friends gave us some time alone. He showed me around his property, ending up at the garage that he had all of his music and paintball stuff in. He asked to play me a song, then asked me to dance, then he kissed me.

It was slow and cautious, but it was a great first kiss. I still remember thinking how soft his tongue was and how I never thought a tongue could be that soft.

Too bad he broke up with me two weeks later on my birthday. Oh well, he gave me a great first kiss story!


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