Writing, writing, promoting, editing and writing some more.

Okay…so Life on Loan comes out on Friday. That is five days from now, IF I count today. EEEP! I am so excited! If you still haven’t added it to your to be read list over at Goodreads you can go now and click right here. Done? Okay good. 

As you all know I have been attempting to write forty-five THOUSAND words this month. Totally do-able. Totally. No doubt in my mind I can do it. The more I say it the more I believe it. Or at least the more I want to believe it. I’ve done it before, twice in fact, but neither of those times was I attempting to promote a new release, edit another and nurse two sick kids back to health. My two little ones have either both been sick, or one or the other, FOR THE LAST THREE WEEKS! Seriously. It’s like they keep passing it back and forth and if somehow they get rid of it for a day, my daughter brings a new bug home from school. 

That being said, I HAVE managed to get in 13,332 words from Feb 1 through last night. Not bad for ten days. More about this supernatural werewolf story later…you know, when I have a title maybe?

So, how about a sneak peak at a scene from Life on Loan?

The little brick house stood out from all the rest with a yard full of items and a family scrambling to drag everything back into the house. The little girl was happily carting her treasures back into the house, while both parents ran back and forth to bring in the electronics. As we approached the father called out to us to go ahead and look but they were closing up because of the snow.

We walked up when we saw a table full of sheets and blankets. Surely they wouldn’t mind if one went missing. They didn’t want it anyway and I would still write it down. They weren’t even out in the yard when Noah elbowed me with a pointed look on his face. I looked in the direction he was facing and saw that they had left their cash box out and open, in plain view. 

“We can’t,” I said, not as firmly as I had intended. It would be wrong to take money, but then again, it could buy us food and maybe some warm blankets from a store.

“Why not? You were going to take a blanket weren’t you? What’s the difference? If we take that, we won’t have to take anything for a while. We will be safer doing it this way, all at once, then taking multiple risks right?” He had a point. Maybe I just wanted to see a point in what he said. But I was wavering as I imagined eating something fresh and hot.

“But, what if they need that money? Like actually need it?” I was mostly sure that they didn’t, but what if they did? They did have a nice house in an upscale neighborhood and a car and all that. But then again, so did Dani when her life fell apart. I was so confused.  I had never taken from a person before. A store sure, but never a person. We were still looking around and the couple had come back out and grabbed a few more things to take into the house, still walking right by the open cash box

“More than we do?” he whispered to me as we moved closer to the money. They had a house, we didn’t. They most likely had food in their fridge; we didn’t even have a fridge let alone food for the day or the next day, unless we made a trip to the dumpster. They had warm clothes and warm beds, we had one thin worn out blanket with holes sporadically placed throughout it on a snow covered bench. My resolve was wavering and Noah knew it.

What will Paige do? You will just have to read to find out!

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