Life on Loan Cover and Release reveal!

Can I just say how amazing it is to see my book coming alive? I mean, Life on Loan has been in the works for over two years. Two years of work and FINALLY I can announce that LIFE ON LOAN will be available on…. (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!)

FEBRUARY 15, 2013!!!!

How about a cover reveal? I, personally, think this cover is AMAZING and I hope you all agree too!


Oh what’s that? You don’t have an E-Reader yet? You love your books that you can hold and love and put on a bookshelf when you are finished with it? NO PROBLEM!


3d book model2

I AM SUPER EXCITED! Okay, how about a little teaser from chapter one?



The crisp October wind nipped at my skin as Dani and I walked along the cobblestone street and red brick buildings that colored all of historic Dover, Delaware, to the little cafe we frequented. It was a rather busy local hot spot, making it the perfect place to eat. Taking a left, before the entrance, we followed the small alley to the back of the building.

There was just enough light to see our way over to the dumpster. The music and laughter from inside the cafe floated on the air: If we tried really hard, we could, for just a second, pretend that we were normal; that we would sit down to a meal to talk and laugh. But the moment Dani opened the lid to the dumpster; I was brought back into reality. With a sigh, I climbed in and searched for the tied off bag of food the cafe always put in a heavy duty doubled up trash bag. The bag, that on some days was our lifeline, held only food, keeping it safe for consumption if we reached it soon enough. The workers tied it off, which kept the food from touching anything else in the dumpster. Of course, they didn’t do it for us; they did it to keep the rats out. Some days that’s what I felt like, a giant rat; scouring for food, frightening passer bys.

I tried to hold my breath as the putrid smells infiltrated my senses. Stepping as carefully as I could on the black bags, I began my search. I needed to find the most recent bag. The shame filled me as I actually contemplated eating while I was still knee high in someone else’s garbage. With a shake of my head and what felt like lead in my heart, I climbed out with our food in hand. Dani and I headed back to The Green, the only relatively safe place for us to sleep. The Green was about a blocks worth of grass and trees in the middle of the city surrounded by governmental buildings including the police station and court houses.  As part of the historic side of Dover, The Green is kept in immaculate conditions. The landscaping left little to be desired, and the buildings mirrored the red brick that lined the rest of the neighborhood. With police passing through at all hours of the day and night, a person would have to be crazy to try and rob someone.

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