Reading, Frustrations, and the Dreaded Editing

I have been reading like crazy lately. If you look to the side bar, you will see my handy dandy Goodreads widget for the 2013 reading challenge. I am already 3 books in, and another with just over 100 pages to go, and the month isn’t over yet. I know I am long overdue for book reviews, and I will get right on those, as soon as I finish my editing on OVEREXPOSED. If you want to add me on Goodreads as a buddy, you can find me HERE.

*Not my Picture, but damn I wish it were!*

But today I decided to put the book down. Not to stop reading it because I am in love with this series (The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare) but to actually get to work. Last time I posted it was about my horrible procrastination problem and how I needed to start contributing to my family income. Well, I decided today that I am going to self publish. That’s right, I have decided that the traditional route is really, not all that traditional anymore. Especially after hearing how an intern at a publishing house is actually planning on the self pub route herself. Self publishing is becoming more and more common, the quality of those books is up for discussion in another post, and for an author like myself that tends to write things that don’t exactly fit in with the typical trends, I think it is the best way to go.

As you all know, on Christmas eve I posted a link to a free short story download. I had tried to format it the way Smashwords wanted it, but when it yelled at me that I did it all wrong, I didn’t give it much thought. It was after all Christmas eve and as a parent of two little ones, Santa did still have to make a visit, so of course we had cookies to bake, celery and carrots to slice, and stockings to hang. Not to mention Santa (I.E. ME!) had to deliver all the presents that night after making sure the children were asleep.

So today, after my wonderful revelation, I decided to tackle this whole formatting thing….yeah, tackle is the right word for it. My computer and I argued, and struggled, and cursed each other out (okay, that was just me) and this is about what I looked like:

And when I was just about to give up, I decided to ask the wonderful internet for help. I posted in a writing group I belong to asking for someone, anyone to tell me what I was doing wrong. I was sure I was following the Smashwords guidelines, but alas, Microsoft WORD decided it thought it knew better. A very lovely person responded quickly and walked me through everything and POOF! Smashwords loves me and my little short story and I love my internet Savior and am ready to format my full manuscript. To save others from the horrible horrible time I had, I will be posting a quick guide for the copyright page and formatting in the next few days, with pictures to help everyone else. The whole pay it forward thing, if you will.

And in between all of that I have been editing OVEREXPOSED. I have gotten in almost 4000 words today of editing. It’s not a lot, but considering I have done nothing but read for the last two weeks, it is a great accomplishment. I keep working on it in 10-20 minute spans. I have said it before and  I will say it again, editing is NOT my friend. It is long and meticulous and can be utterly boring honestly. I LOVE to write books, get the story out of my head and onto paper, figuratively of course, but going back through it with a fine tooth comb drives me nuts. I do it because I don’t want to be one of THOSE novels that give self publishing a bad wrap. But it takes me FOREVER.

Now if whoever is wearing this shirt can happen to ring my doorbell I will gladly supply all the chocolate he needs…

Once I finish the editing on OVEREXPOSED, which by the way HAS to be done by the last day of the month, I am going to start on my next novel. My friend J.C.Emery and I are planning on pretending February is a Nano month.  If anyone is interesting in joining in, let us know and we can get you in on some of our write chats that we do.  Look for more info on that book in the coming weeks.

I will be looking for reviewers in the next few weeks who are interested in ARCs of LIFE ON LOAN and I will be announcing a release date soon as well.

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