Post Nano and other stuff

*Dusts off keyboard and abandoned blog*

Oh! Look! I am still here. Nanowrimo did not, in fact, kill me. Burn me out on writing for a couple weeks? Absolutely. BUT I am a winner AND I am 95% done the first draft of my next novel.



Does it still need a ton of work? Absolutely. Do I love the plot line and the characters? You bet. Can it be better? Most Definitely.  Am I ready to get back to writing and editing? Probably. What? It’s two weeks from Christmas and I have two little ones that I have all kinds of crafts to do with and presents to wrap and food to cook….you know how it goes.

But have I been trying to get LIFE ON LOAN out the door. I got a few more agent rejections in the past few weeks and while I understand that it is completely normal and expected to get a gazillion rejects before getting that one, It still sucks. So, I went looking for more help.

A good friend of mine and fellow writer,J.C. Emery (whose blog you should totally check out by the way-CLICK HERE) told me about something called Pitchwars. At first, we thought it was just something cool on twitter (@Adrianne_James is me if you want to follow me 😀 ). Then, we started really looking and found that it was a contest. There are published authors taking time out of their own schedules to read through pitches of emerging authors (I refuse to say aspiring, as we have all written a full length novel and that alone makes us Authors-nothing aspiring about it.) and choose one lucky person to mentor. They read query letters and the authors complete manuscript to get it ready for Agents, who by the way are part of the competition. Agents will be looking at the winners pitches. It is not by any means a guarantee for the winner to land that agent, but it does get the agents attention at least for a little bit. 

I hope I get picked. I really do. I want Life on Loan to be out there for everyone to read and enjoy. I want to be able to claim Published author, not just Emerging. I do know, that even if I am not picked (there were after all close to 2000 applicants and only 19(?) mentors) I will not be giving up. I have plenty more agents picked out. And even if everyone of them decides it isn’t for them, or that they cannot sell it, I know that I can still self publish. 

There are plenty of authors who prefer to self publish over the traditional route. I just know that for me, I am not strong in a lot of aspects that the traditional route would help with. I was never a business or marketing major in school. My brain is more of the artistic side. I am a photographer by day, an arts and crafts mom and Girl Scout Leader, and writer at night. None of these things help with getting my book seen by the right people. An agent and publishing house? Now they know what they are doing when it comes to that. 

I know I will learn. I know I will do everything I can to make my book (and future books) a success. I just hope that I learn through the help of an experienced agent (OR MENTOR IF I WIN PITCHWARS!) instead of struggling through it on my own. 

Okay, look for another book review or two in the coming days, and hopefully another post on my writing journey as well.

3 thoughts on “Post Nano and other stuff

  1. I agree, while I admire those that self publish and all that – I just don’t think I can do it. I wish you luck in pitchwars and with shopping your novel around. @pcmkester

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