Nano Updates :D

Hello all!

Today is the 13th of November  which means that for the last 13 days I have been writing like crazy. Developing new characters, producing a decent plot, and not wanting to scratch my own eyes out with at least semi decent grammar has taken a good chunk of my time so far this month.

BUT! What do I have to show for it? 26, 980 words. I am slightly ahead of where Nano says to be on the 13th, but I have to say, my writing mojo has decided to run away. I did not write anything yesterday and I am really having trouble finding the motivation to write today.

So how do I keep going? Simple. I look at my story, this story that I have really started to fall in love with, and tell myself that it deserves to be finished. I also tell myself that I am not a failure and Nano will not kick my butt again this year. I lost nano last year, I capped out around six thousand words. Let’s just say that I beat myself up over that one. I am not a very good looser.

I remember feeling so proud of myself for winning nano the year before that. I also remember the feeling of finishing a book when I finally got back to Life On Loan many months after nano. I want to feel that again.

So, what is this mystery book?

Overexposed is a contemporary YA novel about three teenage girls who take a photography assignment a bit too far and uncover a bit too much about a group of boys in their high school. The information could not only get them kicked out of school, but ruin any chance they have for a future.  The solution is simple right? Not so much.

Here is an excerpt for you all to enjoy:

                       “Here’s my room.” I opened the door and the three of us filed in. Ashley took a seat on the bed, Macy grabbed my computer chair and I stretched out on the floor, leaning against the bed.
“Hey, If our Dads work together why is yours home?” Macy asked as she pulled her notebook from her bag. Ashley looked away, trying to find anything else to occupy her.
“He was laid off yesterday. Another machine. It happens.” I didn’t want to talk about it. I wanted to talk about the project. “So, we were thinking, for the project we should basically be the TMZ of Willowspring High. Get all sneaky and catch people’s secrets and what not.”
“I like it. OOH! I bet Brianna stuffs her bra. I wonder if we can catch her in the locker room!” Macy sounded as giddy as I felt earlier. I knew this was a good idea. I was almost never wrong when I got a good feeling.
“Uh, nope. sorry. The only way I agreed to the project was if we had ground rules.” Ashley went on to explain the rules she had set while I fired up my old desktop computer to plug my camera into. I wanted to show Macy the pictures we already had.
“Okay, so bra is out. What about the lunch ladies?”

“How would that be interesting? Who cares about the lunch ladies?” I asked
“Well, what if we caught them doing gross stuff to the food? Or what if the food was just gross products anyway? Or what if a lunch lady was in a torrid affair with the janitor?!” I laughed because I was about to show her an affair all right.



So, that’s a fun little snippet from close to the beginning of the book. Writing these characters is so different from my last ones. Vi, Ashley, and Macy from OVEREXPOSED have next to nothing in common with Paige and Noah from LIFE ON LOAN and it is really fun getting to know them as well as I have gotten to know my past characters.

So if you don’t hear from me again for a while, never fear, I am just hard at work and hoping these characters behave themselves…well, behave for me, but get into all sorts of interesting tales for you.

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