Writing Prompt #3

Look! Two posts in one day! Thought I would give you all another short little story from my writing prompts.


Writing Picture Prompt:


Flurries blew around her, melting the moment they touched her skin, leaving a cold wet trail behind. The ground crunched beneath her feet as she ran through the backyard of her small house and onto a trail that lead into the forest.

The trees were sparkling brilliantly as the ice covered branches reflected the sun. Bonnie squinted as the rays made it hard for her to see. She ran faster until her house behind her was out of view, then, ever so softly she began to whistle.

She whistled as she slowed to a stop. There was a rustle in the trees and Bonnie smiled gleefully. He had heard her. He came back. She was so excited to finally have him in her life that it didn’t matter to her that he lived in the woods. She would have loved to bring him back to her home, to take care of him the way he deserved, but it just wouldn’t work. Her parents would never approve.

“Joey, come on, I’m here!” she called out. She waited and bounced around from foot to foot in her excitement. Within moments Joey ran out from the trees. Bonnie reached down and picked up the furry dog and held him to her chest.

His scruffy brown face leaned up and placed a rough wet trail along her cheek. Her giggles escaped her and she placed Joey on the snow covered ground. Digging in her pocket, as the small dog ran circles around her feet, she felt around for the small scrap of food she managed to sneak out of the house.

The dog greedily took the food from her hand and she watched with a smile as he ate. Her own stomach grumbled but she would gladly go hungry until morning to make sure her only real friend could eat. She learned in school that animals learned to trust those that fed them and she wanted Joey to trust her. She needed Joey to keep sticking around to be her friend, without him, she would be so alone. She hated feeling lonely. Ever since she found the stray, that piece of her was almost gone. She could take the teasing at school over her hand me down clothes, she could take the fighting she would hear at night between her parents, but she couldn’t take one more day all alone.

After Joey finished his treat, he ran off to find a stick and ran it back to her. He dropped it at her feet and began jumping around, waiting for the stick to soar through the air and beginning the game.  She pat his head and picked up the stick. It soared through the air, and the dog followed behind it, running with all his might. These were the moments she cherished. This was the happiest she could remember being.

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