The Query Process so far…

Well, it has been three weeks. Three weeks since I began to query agents. Three weeks of biting my nails and waiting and worrying that my book isn’t good enough. I know that three weeks isn’t much in the long run, but I tell you what, it feels like ages.

I am pacing my query letters. I am optimistic so I do not send out a million and one query letters at one time. I mean, that would just mean I would end up sending out a million letters telling the rest of the agents that I found my perfect dream agent who is going to sell my book to one of the big six publishers and they can just ignore my query. So, I sent it out to 14.

Yup, just 14. I have a list of agents I want to submit to that is much longer than that but I figure it is best to start small and if I do not get the response I am looking for, either the agents are missing out on my wonderful amazing novel, or my query letter needs work.

So, what kind of responses have I received in the last three weeks? Well, I have gotten four responses from agents passing on my book completely and two agents who wanted to see a partial submission. One partial was turned down and the other is still with the agent. The agents who haven’t responded post on their website that if you do not hear back within 6-8 weeks consider it a no.

I will wait one more week then begin another round of queries. I know it wont be a full 6-8 weeks after the last batch, but I am not the most patient of people. I will send out another 10-15 in hopes that one of them decides that my wonderfully captivating novel is perfect for them.

Plus…November is in two weeks…that means Nano…and I can’t wait!

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