And I Thought Editing was Nerve Racking!

Hello All!

It has been a while. Last we spoke I had been editing like crazy. I told you all how hard it was for me to actually do the editing. Well, as of this week, editing is now complete!

I should be shouting from the rooftops right? Um, no. Because now I get to send my query letter (which by the way has been edited and revised about thirteen times) to agents in hope of catching their attention. 


(Please of please do NOT let this be MY journey!)

I have sent out my first round of query letters and all I can do is sit here and bit my nails. So, I am thinking I should keep a tally of all the rejections, partial requests and full requests. I am more nervous now than I ever was over anything before! This is the culmination of two years of work on one project. I do hope that my next book doesn’t take me as long to complete. 

For all of you authors out there, how many queries did you send out and what were/are your results?

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