The quest for the perfect hook

I don’t think I can count how many times I have explained to people exactly what my book is about. I give them a quick basic run down before going into all the best aspects of the book. I tell them all about how much I love my main characters and how their personalities work so well together. I let them ask questions and answer them in full detail. But of course, when it comes to writing a query with a decent hook to make the agent keep reading…I am at a loss.

I know my book inside and out. I know my characters like I know myself. But for the life of me, I CANNOT come up with one to two sentences that make me think OMG THIS IS IT! I am currently working on draft 9 of my query. Putting things in, taking things out, borrowing from previous drafts. I think I finally have a decent version, but honestly, I bet it could be even better.

You know what would be awesome? If there were agents out there who actually had the time to give you honest feed back on your query. I understand that they all get a million queries and that there just isn’t enough time. I also know that all agents are different as long as you follow the basic query format. But it would be really great if I could just have someone who really knows what they are looking at tell me what is right and what is wrong. I have had other writers look over my query, but I am not sure how much of what they say to do is actually right since most of them have yet to land an agent themselves.

I guess from here I continue on the trial and error path, hopefully one of these days, there will be some serious celebrating.

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