New Beginnings

For my first official post on this beautiful new site, I thought I would talk a little about beginnings.  Everything starts somewhere. For me, my journey to complete my first novel truly began as a child. No, seriously!

Writing is a process. Every time you pick up a pen, or open your word document, you are improving your future best seller (wishful thinking??) even if you have not written a single word of it yet.  I think my first story wasn’t even written down. I have always been a dreamer and story teller. I remember being a young child and telling my brothers all about the stuffed bunny who came alive if I fed him pink carrots. He had a name, a family, and hobbies. My point in this, is that I was character building.  It may have been simply about a stuffed bunny, but it was a beginning to so many more characters that have emerged from my imagination.

When I was in 1st or 2nd grade, we were given blank books to write in. We got to color all over the cover and write a story inside. I was so excited. I wrote all about the Snowflake Factory. There had to be a reason it snowed, and living in a region where it was cold, but rarely snowed, was rather disappointing. There had to be an explanation, and of course, I came up with it. What beginning was this? Plot building of course! There was a problem. And to a 6 year old, not having any snow is a BIG problem. Then I had my main character which just so happened to be a little 6 year old girl with blond hair, blue eyes, and glasses. I combined my character and plot and I had my first book! I was very proud of that book. I really wish I still had it.

As I got older, I began keeping my stories to myself. I wrote poems or short stories to work through my typical teenage life. I learned that writing could be rather therapeutic in addition to creative. It wasn’t until much later, after I was already married and a mother, that I began sharing my work with others. By others I mean the complete strangers in an online mommy’s group. I eventually joined other writing groups and even began showing my friends and family the work. In November of 2010, I started another new beginning. I began to write my first, full length novel. I used Nano(National November Write Month) to get the first 50 thousand words written in one month. Then it took almost another year to get my brain back into the story to finish the last 5 thousand.

And here I am, another beginning. I am beginning the editing process to write my first, second draft. So, what new beginnings are you looking forward to in the coming days? Weeks? Months?

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